Library 210 Group 2


Everyday children are moving away from books in favor of the new digital age of high tech toys and gadgets instead of reading about new adventures and mythical places. It becomes a parents goal to entice their child in the world of reading, with books that meet the child’s and their standards. A book can open a child to a new perspective on life, a look at the past, present and future. Creating a reading list for a child can set goals for them on how many books they can complete, as well as build their skills in reading.

This website offers books and electronic resources for parents to inform themselves on the kinds of books their children can be reading throughout the year. Resources that can help a reluctant reader or those who are just beginning to read. As information librarians, it is our goal to help parents and children in informing them on the kind of books they can be reading, as well as to how to build a reading list that maintains the child’s interest.


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